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Sam Roddick

Global Customer & Marketing Leader | Global Deloitte Digital Leader | Partner | Deloitte Consulting

A love of creativity and engineering has shaped Sam’s career while spending 25 years imagining and delivering large and complex digital solutions for his clients across multiple industries and geographies.

Sam is one of the founding partners of Deloitte Digital and prior to becoming the Global Head of Deloitte Digital he led the EMEA and UK businesses, growing revenue 20x since launch to over $500m in FY20. In the UK, he is part of Campaign’s A-list of the most influential people in advertising and marketing and the recipient of multiple Management Consultancy Association awards. This is a great reflection of efforts to bring together the creative capabilities of an agency with the business and technical acumen of the world’s leading consultancy.

The client work that Sam sells and leads is transformational. Over the last few years he supported Dyson in the exponential growth of their global direct to consumer business, delivered the platform that enabled John Lewis to become one of the most successful eCommerce businesses in the UK, dramatically increased the market capitalization of two wholly owned subsidiaries by digitizing them prior to divestment (now operating as Virgin Money and M&G Prudential) and created the project that has digitized the UK Home Office’s entire visa application process