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For the tenth consecutive year, Deloitte retains its no. 1 position in Security Consulting Services by market share

News Release

For the tenth year in a row, Deloitte has been ranked no.1 in security consulting services in market share by revenue in Gartner, report titled, Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2020.
NEW YORK, NY, US, 7 July 2021—
For the tenth year in a row, Deloitte has been ranked no.1 in security consulting services in market share by revenue in Gartner, report titled, Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2020.

“2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges for Deloitte clients, our professionals and our communities. As a result of this disruption, Deloitte clients accelerated their digital transformations and adopted a number of new digital technologies to support a shift to remote work. Deloitte enabled these shifts by connecting trust, resilience and security for clients’ success,” says Donna Glass, Deloitte Global Risk Advisory leader. “The growth of Deloitte cyber practices continues to reflect the priority boardrooms have placed on cyber as an enabler to their digital transformation and innovation efforts.”

Gartner has forecasted that security and risk management spending worldwide will grow 12.4% to reach US$150.4 billion in 2021. Gartner analysts have said the predicted continued growth in 2021 reflects continuing demand for remote worker technologies and cloud security.

Over the next five years, Deloitte will invest steadily and significantly in cyber advancements. This includes investment in advancing capability development in burgeoning areas of cybersecurity with separate investment for inorganic growth. 

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are cornerstones of our culture. Deloitte is building and scaling high-growth, next-generation cyber cloud, identity and emerging technologies solutions to provide clients with end-to-end cyber support across digital transformation journeys and to help them stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape,” says Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber leader. “We are continuously looking for organizations to team with around the globe that align with our vision and targeted investments in cyber talent, as well as processes and technologies that level up Deloitte’s cyber solutions and services.” 

With more than 22,000 cyber professionals worldwide, Deloitte Cyber will continue to strengthen its ability to meet the needs of clients across industries and around the globe. Earlier this year it announced the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Root9B (R9B), a threat-hunting and risk assessment solutions company, and Terbium Labs, a Baltimore, Maryland-based firm that sells an online risk platform as well as continuous monitoring and anti-fraud services. The deals bolster Deloitte’s existing Detect and Respond threat detection and response solutions. In the past 18 months, Deloitte Cyber completed a series of team lifts, strategic hires and acquisitions of core capabilities including::

  • United States-based cloud security posture management (CSPM) provider CloudQuest to expand portfolio of cloud security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) services;
  • Thailand-based consumer digital identity specialist Code QB;
  • Australian-based Zimbani, an innovative cyber security consulting firm with a focus on security architecture, cloud security, identity, and threat prevention with Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom presence; and
  • A team lift of company founders and employees from Practical Smarts, a Singapore-based company which joined Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Risk Advisory practice to enhance the team’s experience in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain advisory services in the region.

With human insight, technological innovation, and comprehensive solutions, Deloitte Cyber is helping clients build smarter, faster, more connected futures. Deloitte Cyber advises, implements and operates a comprehensive portfolio of cyber solutions and services to suit clients’ current industry sector requirements and enterprise-wide needs to anticipate and prepare for the cyber risks of the future.