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Deloitte Luxembourg releases its 4th Impact Report

Press Release

 As a purpose-led organization, Deloitte Luxembourg places the spotlight on its sustainability actions during financial year 2022.


Luxembourg, 24 November 2022: In line with its commitment to building better futures, Deloitte Luxembourg has released its fourth annual Impact Report. The interactive online report reflects the variety of actions taken by the firm and its professionals to foster sustainability and drive positive change for its clients, communities, and the planet.

At Deloitte, we firmly believe that sustainable businesses must evaluate their performance from more than a financial angle. The success of our endeavours lies in empowering our people to take ownership, to collaborate effectively to write their own impact story and be a force for good. In this year’s Impact Report, we look at some of our actions, big and small, that contribute to enabling a better and more sustainable future,” states John Psaila, Managing Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Empowering people

The core of Deloitte’s ambition is to empower its people through a variety of initiatives such as a competitive reward model that recognizes excellence, a modern flexible working approach enabling Deloitte people to work from the place that matters in the moment that matters, as well as a range of upskilling and training opportunities for employees. Initiatives like the Women In/To leadership network, the parenting program, and Globe (an LGBTQ+ and allies’ network) contribute to building an inclusive work environment that ensures everyone is equally empowered to be their best selves and pursue diversified career paths.

While the firm progresses toward its sustainability goals and local commitment to reduce its ecological footprint, it also invests in education to enable others to make a positive contribution. In financial year 2022, the firm introduced a mandatory sustainability training for all its professionals. The training provides concrete guidance for making positive climate choices at home and at work.

"We believe we have a responsibility in actively supporting the communities we live in. Luxembourg is home to many impactful organizations with whom we are proud to collaborate to help foster a more prosperous future – be it through education, climate protection, or support for the most vulnerable, both here and across the globe,” says Francesca Messini, Sustainability Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Building better futures

Deloitte’s WorldClass mission aims to positively impact 100 million lives by 2030, with Deloitte Luxembourg aiming to help 19,000 people locally and internationally. In financial year 2022, Deloitte Luxembourg already achieved 49% of its 2030 target by reaching 9,386 individuals directly or indirectly since the start in 2019. The firm focuses its support on local organizations involved in education, equality, and helping vulnerable people.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Deloitte Luxembourg and its people have mobilized with other Deloitte firms across the continent to provide swift support to those affected the most. This led to the creation of a special task force that assists Ukrainian colleagues and their relatives in relocating and answering their most pressing needs. Additional help included monetary donations, and a fast-track process to welcome Ukrainian professionals seeking job opportunities.

Sustainable growth

Since 2021, Deloitte Luxembourg publishes its annual results as part of the Impact Report, underlining its continued path toward becoming a purpose-led organization. The firm reports yet another year of sustained growth similar to its 2021 performance with a 7% increase in its firmwide gross revenues, which reached 405 million euros in 2022. Reflecting the firm’s successful and balanced multidisciplinary model, all three business lines actively contributed to the result with Audit & Assurance up by 7%, Advisory & Consulting by 9%, and Tax by 3%.

“This year again, we have registered a 7% growth in our gross revenues, which now exceed 400 million euros. We again secured growth that is consistent, durable and sustained. However, we believe that in today’s challenging world, the true measure of success for a firm like ours is better demonstrated in how we co-create a more prosperous tomorrow with all our stakeholders,” states John Psaila.

The full impact report with stories centred around business, governance, environmental and social pillars can be accessed at: