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Marco Mora Diaz

Director | EU Institutions

Marco is a Director working on EU Structural and Donor Funds, with a special focus on International Technical Assistance for Deloitte Luxembourg. Marco cooperates narrowly with the Deloitte International Donors Organisations (IDO) Global Account, as well as with the Afrique Francophone teams; supporting Technical Assistance assignments throughout the Member Firms. Prior to joining Deloitte, Marco worked for the EU Institutions both as an official and senior consultant for nearly 20 years. More recently, he was detached at the European Investment Bank as a Key Expert within the fi-compass team. Previous to this experience, Marco has been performing other missions for the European Union Institutions, notably in directing and implementing technical assistance projects in the Balkans, Maghreb and the Horn of Africa. He has a broad knowledge on International Project Cycle Management, programmes evaluation and project reporting.