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The start of changing of the temporary residence permits of Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania

After the European Union has decided to extend temporary protection for refugees from the war in Ukraine, starting from the 11th of December the Migration Department begins the procedure of exchange of digital temporary residence permits in Lithuania held by such foreigners.

Current Lithuanian digital temporary residence permits, issued to Ukrainian war refugees, are valid until the 4th of March, 2024.

Those who want to change them will first need to visit the Lithuanian migration information system MIGRIS, indicate their nationality in the section „For foreigners“ and select "I am a person who has left Ukraine due to hostilities" and then "Apply for a renewal of a permit".

Foreigners will have to fill out applications, reserve an appointment date in the selected Migration service department, arrive in person at the scheduled appointment time, and present a valid identity document.

The Migration Department points out that Ukrainian war refugees will be able to choose any Migration service department for appointments, regardless of their place of residence in Lithuania. Refugees will also be served in those departments that usually serve Lithuanian citizens only.

The first day when it will be possible to book an appointment after filling out the application correctly is the 12th of December.

Minors over 2 years of age will also have to arrive at the Migration Service Department, accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. For minors under the age of 2, the image can be scanned from a photo, appropriate to the child's age, presented by the applicant's parents or guardians.
Parents or guardians will also have to fill out the application forms for the change of temporary residence permits for minor children under 16 years of age.

Every Ukrainian war refugee will receive a digital document (new temporary residence permit) to the MIGRIS account that has been used to fill out the application.

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