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Inclusion of spouses of the foreigners in the compulsory health insurance system

Starting from 1st of July, 2024 conditions will be created to insure with compulsory health insurance (PSD) family members of the foreigners employed in Lithuania - both citizens of the European Union (EU) and third countries who are not able to receive the necessary health care services before this change enters into force.

At the moment, PSD covers foreigners permanently residing in Lithuania, as well as employed foreigners with a temporary residence permit in Lithuania or who have worked in Lithuania for at least 6 months and are registered with the Employment Service as unemployed, as well as minor members of their family.

The adopted amendments provide that the spouses or registered partners of the aforementioned foreigners, holding a temporary residence permit in Lithuania or a residence card for a family member of an EU citizen will be insured by PSD (paying the contributions themselves or state-funded), thereby guaranteeing spouses (partners) their inclusion in the compulsory health insurance system and the availability of medical services.

Such a change does not automatically mean the state-funded insurance of the foreigners, since the basis of persons insured at the expense of the state is not changed.

After the aforementioned legislative changes enter into force, the requirement to submit documents regarding health insurance should be withdrawn when applying for a residence permit on the basis of family reunification, i.e. if the spouse or registered partner is covered with PSD, s/he will not need to submit insurance documents to the Migration Department.

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