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Changes in immigration legislation come into force

Starting from January 2024, immigration regulation changes enter into force, most critical are summarized below:


  • Minors older than two years of age (used to be minors under the age of 6) will have to participate in person when applying for issuing or changing a temporary residence permit in Lithuania. This procedure will be applied when submitting applications both at the Migration Department and at the VFS (External Service Provider).
  • New anti-abuse regulation sets out circumstances (e.g. the company engages in fictitious activities or does not operate in Lithuania, the company does not justify the reason for inviting foreigners, etc.), which, once identified, will limit the possibility the company to invite foreigners for the employment (mediation letters will not be accepted) for 6 months.
  • If it is determined that a foreigner is invited by a company that cannot employ foreigners, the foreigner's request to issue or change a temporary residence permit will not be accepted.
  • From now on the list of external service providers (VFS) will be approved by the Minister of the Interior - until now this was done by the Migration Department.
  • The list of databases where the data on the foreigners must be checked by the Migration authorities has been changed (extended).
  • When filling out an application to change a temporary residence permit, if the foreigner has been granted temporary protection, additional information must be provided on the countries visited by the foreigner during the period of validity of the residence permit.


Further, on 1 January, the resolution establishing the minimum monthly salary applicable in 2024, entered into force. The new minimum monthly salary from the beginning of this year is EUR 924. These changes will also affect the obligations of foreigners working in the country. This means that foreigners, when applying for the issuance or change of a temporary residence permit, permission to change the employer or job function, issuance of a permanent residence permit, or the issuance of a national visa, will have to prove a higher amount of available means of subsistence – EUR 924 per month.

This obligation will not apply to foreigners working legally in Lithuania and receiving salaries not lower than one minimum monthly salary.

Some amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners came into force in January as well, they are mainly related to asylum application procedures.

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