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Why I am not receiving e-mails from Deloitte?

Add to whitelist

We are making every effort to make sure that the e-mail information you have ordered reaches the intended addressee. Below please find a description of the most frequent problems linked with receiving e-mail information from Deloitte.


Check if the e-mail is not blocked as SPAM


We send e-mails only if we have your consent for the transfer together with the scope of information to be transferred, but in some cases e-mails from Deloitte are erroneously classified as SPAM. It is the most common reason for non-delivery of (ordered bulletins, one-time passports required for registration) Deloitte e-mails. Such e-mails can be classified as SPAM either at the level of the mail server or at the level of the electronic mail.

  1. Check whether the message from sender: Deloitte Lithuania has not been moved to the SPAM folder of your electronic mail. If so, add the and to the list of safe senders (depending on the application it may be called: "white list", "safe senders", etc.) Below is a sample description of how to make this change in MS Outlook.
  2. Check if the e-mail is not blocked by your mail server. Request your postmaster (as a rule it is a person from the IT department of your company) to add: and and following IP adresses:  and


Check if your name has been included in the subscription list


Another reason for non-delivery is lack of the relevant e-mail address in the subscription list (it is possible that our resources have mistakenly classified it as incorrect or non-existent). You can check the status, change or delete your subscription at the address:


Adding a e-mail address to MS Outlook / Office 365 to safe sender list


If you are using MS Outlook or MS Office to read you e-mails please see this user guide by Microsoft to add e-mail address to safe sender list.

Should you have any other problems, please