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Neurodiversity at Deloitte

Deloitte is focused on providing workplace environments in which our people can thrive.

Deloitte’s global neurodiversity inclusion strategy focuses on enablers of success – across the entire career life cycle. 

Neurodiversity inclusion at Deloitte

At Deloitte, we recognise that everyone has personal strengths and things they struggle with, but for some people the variation between those strengths and challenges is more pronounced. Neurodiversity – also referred to as neurodivergence – is about the diversity of human minds; the range of differences in the ways people’s brains function and process information. Neurodiversity inclusion embraces and welcomes these differences and recognises that people who think in different ways bring strengths and advantages.

Our strategy is complemented by Deloitte’s global focus on fostering an inclusive workplace culture underpinned by respect. This focus includes Deloitte Global’s award-winning Can you see me? educational films, which feature stories of individuals from under-represented groups such as Delphine, an autistic person.


“I felt like I was always having to play a part. To be someone else - just to fit in.” Listen to Delphine’s story and take a moment to walk in her shoes.

Here’s some ways we are taking action

In addition to our global strategy, Deloitte firms have launched a number of awareness-building, coaching and education programs to help enable neurodivergent professionals reach their full career potential, as well as to support skills development and career progression. 

Many Deloitte firms are also committed to funding scholarships and offering apprenticeships to neurodivergent people and those with disabilities, such as the Deloitte US Neurodiversity@Deloitte program which comprises a three-month apprenticeship with an opportunity for full-time employment.

A number of Deloitte firms have collaborated with specialised organisations to support the recruitment of neurodiverse people. This includes Deloitte UK working with Auticon, Deloitte Canada working with Auticon and Ready, Willing & Able, and Deloitte Belgium working with Autimatic.

Several Deloitte firms have employee resource groups dedicated to neurodiversity and disability inclusion to help foster community and allyship, including raising awareness of neurodiversity across their respective firms.

While the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)’s definition of persons with disabilities includes neurodiverse variations such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD, feedback from neurodiverse colleagues tells us that they often do not self-identify as disabled. As such, Deloitte’s global ALL IN diversity, equity and inclusion strategy differentiates between disability inclusion and neurodiversity.