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Evaldas Lukauskas | Lithuania | EN

Managing Associate, Advocate | Deloitte Legal

Evaldas Lukauskas is Managing Associate at Deloitte Legal. He has 15 years of practical experience in various areas of law. Prior to joining Deloitte, Evaldas used to work as a lawyer in one group of Lithuanian companies, where he headed vindication practice of Legal department. Evaldas has graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Law and has Masters of Laws. Evaldas is a member of Lithuanian Bar (licensed Advocate).

Evaldas Lukauskas specializes in litigation (including tax litigation and arbitration cases). Evaldas has represented international foreign companies and large Lithuanian companies in various disputes – in administrative cases (tax litigation – re VAT, CIT, PIT, etc.), in complex international arbitration case, in civil, construction, labour, unfair competition and breach of non-compete undertakings cases, shareholders’ disputes, cases for compensation of damages caused by unlawful actions of the management, bankruptcy, debt recovery, actio Pauliana and other cases.

Based on his experience gained acting as an in-house lawyer at Deloitte, Evaldas Lukauskas also advises clients on general matters of corporate, labour and contract law.