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Deloitte’s Global Smart Factory network

Connect, test and scale

Our Smart Factories blend physical and virtual experiences, powered by industry leading ecosystem relationships, to help transform your digital production and supply network.

Manufacturers in the world’s smartest organizations are building upon decades of experience, to innovate and leverage new technologies and make manufacturing more agile, efficient, sustainable and safe.

Marrying advanced manufacturing with IoT, Cloud, Computer Vision, and Cybersecurity, to create interconnected systems, smart manufacturers are rethinking what’s possible and how to achieve it.

But the first step is having a vision of the possible. And that’s where our network of Smart Factory experiences can help.

By aligning strategy, technology and implementation planning, our digitally connected Smart Factory network in Germany, Japan, the United States and Canada helps leaders design, test and understand how to scale capabilities across their value chain.

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Explore our global network of Smart Factories. Each facility is unique, but they all offer a new experience and way of thinking about the value that smart manufacturing and smart operations can add to your organisation.

The Smart Factory @ Düsseldorf was the first in Deloitte’s Global network, and provides a flexible environment for innovative workshops and training. Demonstrating the real-time business and operational performance benefits of connecting technologies such as manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning and product life cycle management in our digital solutions space, will inspire companies to start their own digital transformation.

Explore the Smart Factory @ Dusseldorf

The Smart Factory @ Kyoto was developed in partnership with the Kyoto University of Advanced Science. Visitors can experience next-generation factory solutions brought to life in the showcase area, then workshop use-cases and strategies to help their own facilities evolve in the innovation area.

Explore The Smart Factory @ Kyoto

The Smart Factory @ Wichita is a 60,000-square-foot smart building, powered by a renewable energy smart grid. The facility features an end-to-end smart production line, space for ecosystem sponsors, and experiential labs. Located on Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus, the facility helps visitors explore smart factory technologies to drive down costs, increase supply chain efficiencies and position their organisations for success.

Explore The Smart Factory @ Wichita

The Smart Factory @ Montreal is a state-of-the-art immersive learning centre featuring cutting edge manufacturing and warehousing technologies. Visitors will be met with an immersive fully functional experience consisting of simulations, demos, and art-of-the-possible workshops to help them chart their own digital industrial transformation journey to increase the profitability, safety and competitiveness of their organisation.

The Smart Factory @ Montreal opened in January 2023

Explore The Smart Factory @ Montreal

Deloitte at Hannover Messe | April 17–21, 2023

Making manufacturers the world’s smartest organisations

Deloitte is helping manufacturers transform what’s next into what’s now. Join us at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest international industrial gathering, to learn how we can solve your most significant industry challenges and find the straightest path to value with smart manufacturing.

The power of people and ecosystems

Ecosystems are a key part of every digital transformation and the collaborators who come together across our experience centres are no exception. Across our network of smart factories, we have a wide range of alliance and sponsor relationships with world-renowned solution providers and technology innovators.

Our hardware, software, cyber and academic ecosystem can solve your most pressing challenges and turn potential into reality.