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Episode 3 – When Tax meets Technology

FS Transfer Pricing Decoded - A global tax podcast series

This episode explores the use of technology within FS organisations, where this is a key value driver in the business model. This episode goes into some of the possible key transfer pricing considerations commonly associated with technology-related intangibles.

In this episode, hear from Sam, Inna, Jeremy and Mei; where they discuss the interaction between tax and technology in the FS sector, specifically: 

  • How the role of technology is changing in the FS sector, and why it is important to talk about this now.
  • The strategic role of Tax in technology/intangible initiatives.
  • How tax is relevant to how technology is being employed in FS companies today. 
  • Best practices for FS companies in formulating technology/intangible tax policies.
  • Valuing intellectual property (“IP”) from a transfer pricing perspective. 

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