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Deloitte at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos
Monday, 15 January 2024 12:00 AM EAST

In-person - Event

Event language: English

15 - 19 Jan.

12:00 am EAST

Deloitte at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos

The World Economic Forum Meeting (WEF)’s Annual Meeting in Davos provides an opportunity for leaders across business, government and broader society to connect and exchange ideas for addressing some of the world’s most intractable challenges. This year’s Annual Meeting will convene under the theme Rebuilding Trust. Deloitte leaders from around the globe will participate in a variety of discussions with other world leaders with the goal of providing the crucial space to step back and focus on the fundamental principles of driving trust, including transparency, consistency and accountability.  

Deloitte Haus on the Promenade

Deloitte will once again have a prominent, dedicated venue at the heart of the action in Davos. Located at Promenade 85, Deloitte Haus* is your place to connect with leaders, speakers and innovative solutions.

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. Be part of the conversation. 

*Deloitte Haus is wheelchair accessible

At Deloitte, we’re proud to be a long-standing key strategic partner of WEF. We share our experience and capabilities from across our network to help WEF address critical global challenges through our contributions to WEF communities, initiatives and participation in events throughout the year. 

Deloitte-hosted events

Deloitte’s programme at Davos will build on this year’s WEF Annual Meeting theme: Rebuilding Trust. Throughout the week, Deloitte’s most senior leaders will engage in conversations across trust, sustainability and climate, AI, equity, purpose and governance. 

Looking for a place to connect with all the latest Davos details? Find out what you need to know by registering for our Deloitte at Davos broadcasts.

Please note, details are subject to change as the schedule is finalised. 

Data-driven sustainability: Shaping resilient organisations

Wednesday, 17 January | 15.00 (CET) 

This panel discussion will bring together experts and innovators from the fields of technology, sustainability and climate solutions to provide a comprehensive view of how technology is shaping a more sustainable future.

Moving from commitment to action: Implementing the ZHG Pledge

Thursday, 18 January | 20.30 (CET) 

This reception and panel discussion will engage corporate leaders on how to activate the ten core commitments of the Zero Health Gaps Pledge and drive accountability.

A new dawn for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Tuesday, 16 January | 18.00 (CET) 

Deloitte will host a panel discussion to explore the CEO mindset and M&A strategies required to deliver transformative change and purpose-led growth in this dynamic and fast-paced corporate environment.

The supply chain imperative

Thursday, 18 January | 15.00 (CET) 

As global tensions intensify, communities, organisations and nations are reexamining their supply networks to become more resilient and better integrate with industry, allies and partners. This panel will explore the need for reconstructing global supply networks and how best to do it.

Mitigating global financial crime

Thursday, 18 January | 18.00 (CET) 

This panel will discuss what financial institutions are doing to help reduce financial crimes and how governments and law enforcement agencies are working with the private sector on this topic.

Can innovation save healthcare?

Tuesday, 16 January | 20.30 (CET) 

This panel will discuss the effects of innovation on healthcare as healthcare systems around the world are struggling with rising costs, rising demands for their services, ageing technology and a chronic shortage of staff.

Executing trustworthy AI

Wednesday, 17 January | 20.30 (CET) 

Deloitte will host a reception and panel discussion about the multifaceted aspects of trust and ethics in artificial intelligence. We will explore how leaders in GenAI are building and maintaining trust.

Now decides next: The generative AI transformation journey

Tuesday, 16 January | 15.00 (CET) 

Drawing on findings from a new Deloitte GenAI survey launching in Davos, this panel will explore key questions about how organisations are approaching GenAI and examine its implications on business strategy, workforce dynamics, skills development and trust-building as well as the broader implications on the economy and society.

Using consumer data to build trust

Wednesday, 17 January | 18.00 (CET)

This fireside chat will include a deep dive conversation with a consumer client executive on trust and how trusted organisations can contribute to consumer behaviours and attitudes, changing over time.

Deloitte on the Davos agenda

At the upcoming WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Deloitte is set to showcase its leadership and insights with a diverse range of activities detailed below.

Affiliate session—Amplifying the global value of Earth data 

Friday, 19 2024 January |17.00 (CET)

Our world is experiencing ecological and climate challenges of unprecedented scale. With an imperative for green transformation, Earth observation (EO) data is an effective tool to inform decisive action. EO and supporting technologies are used to measure and monitor both natural and manmade environments. And with use cases ranging from reforestation to shaping actuarial analyses and optimising supply chains, EO data' value proposition is compelling from both climate and business perspectives.

The scale and quality of commercially available EO data has risen exponentially in the past decade, driven largely by new EO satellites with advanced sensors. At the same time, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing are accelerating our ability to derive value-added insights from immense volumes of EO data. But, while technology gaps are closing, collective action and greater investment are still needed to increase global access and equity in the use of EO. This panel will explore high-impact uses for EO and key strategies that organisations can take to not only multiply the value derived from EO data, but to also provide additional trust and transparency in the actions being taken to transition to a net-zero economy.

WEF programme—Thinking through augmentation

Wednesday, 17 2024 January | 09.00 - 09.45 (CET)

As AI propels us towards a new economic era, its potential for generating trillions in value hinges on how it is deployed in the workforce, with several scenarios possible of high to low employment and high to low productivity outcomes.

This session will explore potential job and productivity scenarios and how leaders should shape the most desirable outcomes for economies and societies.

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