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Tawanda Chadenga – Audit Partner

“The Deloitte culture helped me to transition to the US, and over the last 11 years the exceptional professionals I have met here have helped me to achieve this incredible career milestone.”

Just in time for an 11 year journey

Shortly after graduating from high school in 1998, Tawanda joined Deloitte Zimbabwe. In 2003, he was awarded a three-month “just in time” assignment in Houston, Texas to assist with audit busy season clients.

Tawanda’s hard work and dedication proved advantageous. Not only was the assignment a success, but he was offered a permanent transfer to the Deloitte Houston office. His decision to leave all of his friends or family and relocate to Houston would forever alter his future. In Houston, he navigated many cultural differences, including a less formal hierarchical structure, enhanced technology and connectivity with clients.

Eleven years later, Tawanda is an audit partner and credits his overwhelming success to the support and guidance of exceptional Deloitte professionals and mentors. “I can attribute every opportunity that has shaped my career, including serving some of our largest and most important clients and my Houston three month assignment, to the mentoring relationships I have had at here at Deloitte,” says Tawanda.
Today, Tawanda is a U.S. citizen, thanks to Deloitte, and continues to live and thrive in Houston.

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