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Perry Finklestein, Canada

"The people. It's why I've been here for 15 years, why I continue to stay and thrive, and, why I'm so passionate about our future. Because of our people and the culture we have to support and grow them."

Perry Finklestein was working for a client of Deloitte Canada after his MBA, when he was first attracted to join the firm. He was impressed by the approach of the Deloitte professionals with whom he worked and decided to apply. And it is his continued relationship with inspiring colleagues that has kept him at Deloitte for the past 16 years, working in both technology strategy and implementation.

From his early days he felt encouraged to interact with senior colleagues and clients. Perry describes Deloitte as promoting an ‘apprenticeship culture’, which is geared towards creating the next generation of leaders. ‘Many people have taken me under their wing during my career at Deloitte,’ said Finklestein, adding, ‘as a new Partner, mentoring is something that I take very seriously and I’m proud that Deloitte hires the best and the brightest. Being surrounded by people who are smart and driven keeps me energized’.

Beyond his colleagues, Finklestein cites the constant turnover of diverse client projects as keeping his day to day job interesting. If that’s not enough, being part of a global business affords great opportunities for those who want to grow their careers abroad.

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