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Global Internship Program

Get ready to take on the world

The world is a big place—and you’re probably interested in experiencing what it has to offer. Deloitte’s Global Internship Program (GIP) is an opportunity to do precisely that. The GIP is your chance to gain international business experience and begin to build a global network of friends and colleagues.

At Deloitte, working internationally and cross-border collaboration are business as usual. As part of the GIP, you will learn about business from a truly global perspective. You’ll work with a team of professionals from around the world to address real-world business challenges, and you’ll build first-class skills and a worldwide network that will benefit you throughout your career. 

Deloitte’s Global Internship Program will take place in July 2016 and will last for approximately four weeks. Are you interested in an enriching and dynamic experience; in gaining knowledge and experience that can enhance your career—wherever it may take you? 

Learn about cultural experiences of the interns, in their own words.


The world is a big place, and today’s students are interested in immersing themselves in the rich and diverse experiences it has to offer. Deloitte’s Global Internship Program (GIP) is an opportunity for top students to do precisely that and more. For four weeks in July, a select group of interns travels to destinations around the world where they have the opportunity to develop their global business skills, gain exposure to clients, build their professional networks, and have some fun along the way! You can learn more about their experiences by reading their stories.

Philip Adikimenakis: "Never in my most vivid of dreams would I have imagined such an amazing opportunity to participate in the Global Internship Program in the beautiful country of Brazil. When I learned of my acceptance abroad, I couldn't help but think of all the incredible experiences to be had."

Sterling Knapp: "My experience in Istanbul, Turkey with the Global Internship Program was exceptional. Every day was a new adventure and learning experience—both in and out of the office."

Ivna Pavani Silva: “I was one of the fortunate Deloitte Brazil employees selected to spend a month in the Deloitte US firm’s Chicago office. All the tax professionals in Chicago were really friendly. Every chance they had, they stopped to ask how I was doing, about my experience as a tax consultant back in Brazil, and our culture.”

Nicole Starleaf: When preparing for my internship in China, I had no idea what to expect. I knew I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t know a single person, and I would be the only American on my team. As I boarded my flight, I was filled with anxiety and excitement for my month in Shanghai.

Ashley Veslik: “You’re going to Africa? For accounting? This was the general response I received when I shared the exciting news with friends and family that I had been selected to represent the Deloitte US firm’s Chicago office as an international intern in Deloitte Southern Africa’s Johannesburg office."

Sofia Zandén: "It is difficult to explain the happiness I felt when I received the phone call confirming that I was one of the lucky two from Sweden who would be a Global Intern with the Deloitte US member firm the summer of 2014."

Program details and application process.


Deloitte’s Global Internship Program (GIP) will take place in July 2016 and will last for approximately four weeks. To be selected for the program, you must apply through the country in which you are currently studying. The list of participating countries is available below. Traveling as part of the program, you will have a global career-enhancing experience that will set you apart. You can expect to spend a couple of weeks in your home country, followed by a month in a host location, before returning to your home country.

What will I be doing as part of the GIP?

Deloitte’s Global Internship Program will offer you a unique global experience. You will have the opportunity to team up with Deloitte professionals on active client engagements and be a part of a global team working to solve real business challenges facing organizations today. Ultimately, as part of this elite group, you will build a global network that can enhance your career for a lifetime.

What’s in it for me? Why should I apply?

Gaining international corporate experience while you’re still at university is certainly a resume enhancer! It will set you apart from your peers and demonstrate your interest in future opportunities to travel and work abroad.

As a participant in Deloitte's Global Internship Program, you can:

  • Acquire skills you’ll need to operate successfully in the global marketplace
  • Dive into real-world issues affecting international business today
  • Discover the wealth of opportunities available to you at Deloitte
  • Forge real networking relationships with professionals around the world
  • Gain exposure to the diverse business processes and cultures from around the world
  • Have a unique experience that will enhance your resume and give you a competitive edge

Not to mention, you will also meet and learn from professionals with very different backgrounds and experiences. You'll meet people who can help you see things from a different point of view and broaden your horizons; people who will be part of your professional network throughout your career.

Participating countries

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Malta
  • The Netherlands
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States

Sounds great! How do I apply?

To find out more about the Global Internship Program, eligibility, and application process, please contact your university career services or Deloitte campus representative.

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