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The Deloitte Talent Experience


"At its heart,” says Margot Thom, Deloitte Global Talent Leader, “this experience is about having unlimited opportunities to do meaningful work and to grow, learn, and lead at every point in your career. Deloitte people have the flexibility to create the career and life experience they want and the power of being part of a global network of talented people."



At Deloitte, we value leadership at all levels and offer formal and informal avenues to help professionals develop the skills and connections to lead at every stage of their careers.

The Manager and Senior Manager Milestone programs provide ongoing learning, development, and peer support to help newly promoted Deloitte professionals transition to their new roles successfully.

Select high-performing DTTL managers have the opportunity to participate in STARS, an eight-month leadership development journey. Live, virtual, and on-the-job learning, executive exposure, and mentoring are part of this accelerated development program. Working with senior DTTL leaders and colleagues from around the world, managers hone their leadership skills and expand their networks.



Professionals driven by a desire to learn and grow have unlimited access to learning that can be instructor-led, on-the-job, or virtual, using any device at anytime from anywhere.

In Deloitte Australia, the D.Academy helps new recruits learn by putting their newly learned nontechnical skills to the practical application test of a two-day learning experience and a group project focused on improving client experiences through the use of design, data, and digital. Participants are allocated a senior leader as a coach for support through the program and learn and build connections through social media.

On cross-border teams, people learn about, and how to benefit from, their differences. Formal diversity and inclusion learning programs, affinity groups, and diversity roundtables and events are among the many opportunities for people to develop the global mindsets required to lead effectively.

Deloitte's focus on diversity and inclusion earned the organization a third-place ranking in DiversityInc.'s Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity. Member firm diversity efforts focused on factors—ethnicity, age, disabilities, and other dimensions of diversity—relevant in their markets. Inclusion as a driver for representation of diverse talent at every level of the organization, with a particular focus on women's advancement, topped the diversity agenda, and in FY2013, 23 percent of newly admitted member firm partners and directors were women.



The 200,000-plus people across the Deloitte network have the flexibility to define success on their own terms. At every stage of their careers, people are encouraged to create the career and life experiences that excite and challenge them. Achieving personal and professional satisfaction at Deloitte can mean dialing one's career up or down over time, creating an undulating journey of climbs and lateral moves.

Deloitte sponsors a variety of groups through which people may share life and career experiences. One member firm example is Deloitte Canada's Deloitte Dads, which was inspired by its Career Moms group. Both organizations help participants successfully juggle the demands of work, parenting, and household management.



Everyone at Deloitte has access to thousands of other professionals across the member firm network who are eager to listen and share. Deloitte has a respectful and collaborative culture filled with people focused on working and winning as a team and understand the need to keep the lines of communication open.

A talk-show-style event puts DTTL people in direct contact with DTTL Chief Executive Officer Barry Salzberg and other senior leaders. This kind of front-row access to conversations with senior leadership about business and career growth is just one of the ways people leverage the power of our network.

The DeloittePeopleNetwork (DPN) is a global profile system that lets professionals showcase their experience and interests. DPN makes it possible for professionals to cut through the complexity of the organization, solve problems faster, and to make connections and collaborate effectively across borders and functions.

Yammer, the social media network, is where professionals from around the globe share ideas and engage in virtual conversations, collaborations, and forums. Stories abound of professionals who use Yammer to find resources, support, and even staffing for member firm projects. DPN and Yammer are just two examples of how we put the power of our network to work for people and member firm clients.

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