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David Griffin - Audit Partner

"Deloitte has provided me with the platform to experiment with, and develop my own ideas and initiatives, allowing me to learn from my own experiences as opposed to those of others."

Freedom to innovate, experiment and ultimately take your career into your own hands. This is how Partner Dave Griffin describes the unique culture that has allowed him to excel throughout his 15 year career at Deloitte UK. He also credits the quality of the individuals around him, who have been instrumental in supporting his journey to Partner.

Dave joined Deloitte UK’s Audit practice after a chance encounter at a university careers fair. At first he had doubts about applying, believing his state school education and non-finance degree would adversely differentiate him from other candidates in ultimately being able to succeed at a firm like Deloitte. But after successfully getting through the interview process and subsequently passing the ACA exams first time, he quickly realized that there is no stereotypical new-hire.

In his early years he describes following a tried and tested path, focusing his efforts on learning, doing his best, and developing strong relationships throughout the company and with his clients. As his experience grew so did his confidence. Dave had his own ambitions, to specialize in telecommunications, a sector that piqued his interest. His colleagues recognized his entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged him to pursue new clients and market opportunities. It was this trust in his ability that sufficiently liberated him to form his own point of view, develop his unique expertise and build eminence in the sector.

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