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SAP S/4HANA® + Deloitte

The path to clarity and value

SAP S/4HANA® emerged as a digital core platform to meet evolving business demands—supporting tomorrow’s vision of the modern enterprise. With simplicity the new normal, SAP S/4HANA stands as a powerful and highly configurable suite of software solutions that can simplify business—to enable clarity and help deliver the value that organizations crave. Getting measurable business results through the enablement of SAP S/4HANA requires strategy, experience, and technical know-how. We can help.

We start with understanding. To help deliver effective solutions enabled by SAP S/4HANA, we bring experience that is specific to your business, digging deep to understand what differentiates you and how you might improve your business. We cast a critical eye on your business processes and their impact on your organization, focusing also on your customer and business partners as well as the steps that can help you increase your competitive edge. Based on that understanding, we tailor our approach to help you reinvent your business processes, simplify user experiences, and accelerate value.

We help you move fast. We can accelerate your SAP-enabled transformation through the use of our agile technology implementation methodologies, preconfigured solutions, proprietary accelerators, and experience with the SAP® Activate innovation adoption framework. Our investments in asset-based solutions can get you started quickly, without an expensive learning curve.

We have a strong track record on results. Our relationship with SAP extends back decades. We have a trophy case full of SAP awards that help validate our ability to deliver quality and value—including the 2016 SAP® Pinnacle Award as the SAP S/4HANA Adoption Partner of the Year. Our global network of more than 13,000 practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions is widely recognized for results, and we have helped more than 3,000 clients effectively implement SAP solutions and realize business value from those investments.

We know where SAP is going. We’re deeply experienced in guiding organizations through the business and technical challenges of transformation, and we’re a leading reseller of SAP software. But our leadership doesn’t end there. We’re actively working to help SAP improve solutions through co-innovation. Our global alliance with SAP to co-innovate continues to result in leading practices that are built in to solutions. It also gives us different perspectives on evolving SAP capabilities.

Do something new

Each day, we help leading organizations around the globe transform their organizations with SAP S/4HANA. We can help your organization, too. If you want to transform your business—to do something new that can generate value for the future—we should talk. Contact us to get the conversation started.


SAP® S/4HANA + Deloitte: The clarity you seek, the value you need


The evolving vision of business is one in which our hyperconnected and data-rich world can become simpler. It’s a vision in which all stakeholders travel a common digital path that traverses all business functions—with actionable insights, intuitive interfaces, and connectivity that spans from cloud infrastructures to handheld mobile technologies. As a digital core platform, SAP® S/4HANA helps enable that vision. But getting the value you need from SAP S/4HANA requires deep knowledge and strategy—on the business front as well as the technology front. Learn what it takes to unlock value with SAP S/4HANA.