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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Deloitte Global SAP Alliance

Deloitte offers insights on leveraging SAP® to strengthen customer relationships—providing a potential path to improved service and business results.

Answering the call: Making infrastructure management more nimble and responsive in Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires city government struggled to manage its public spaces, such as streets, sidewalks, garbage bins, and sewage systems, through its information systems. Unable to support operations across the government, these systems couldn’t even route service requests to the appropriate agencies for them to resolve. With Deloitte's help, the city government implemented a new IT platform that streamlined back-office tasks and improved coordination among departments. This resulted in faster response times and long-range preventive planning.

Going deeper - IT transformation helps Grupo Bancolombia deliver a higher level of service to customers


Going deeper - IT transformation helps Grupo Bancolombia deliver a higher level of service to customersSince 1998, Grupo Bancolombia S.A. has grown rapidly to become one of the largest financial conglomerates in Colombia and has also expanded regionally through mergers and acquisitions. But it grappled with a familiar problem: integrating its various legacy systems and applications. In turn, integration challenges made it even more difficult to effectively manage operations and transactions across its enterprise. As a result of its aggressive growth, the bank was not providing the high level of service it wanted for its retail customers. As part of Bancolombia’s IT platform transformation, Deloitte collaborated with bank leaders to implement SAP® enterprise resource planning (ERP) and SAP customer relationship management (CRM) systems, helping the bank provide a higher level of customer service and become more agile in responding to customer needs.