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Our heritage

A legacy of connection, collaboration and innovation

Our story begins with our purpose: making an impact that matters. Something that our founder, William Welch Deloitte, understood well. In 1845, he had a vision to build something that would last—to bring change to the accounting industry and beyond.

Understanding the power of connection, collaboration and innovation, he established Deloitte as a small accountancy firm. And because of his legacy, Deloitte has grown to a thriving global organisation of more than 410,000 dedicated people who are dedicated to changing the world.

These founding beliefs have driven our growth for more than 175 years and keep us firmly focussed on the future. They are the bedrock of today's Deloitte and our goal of solving the world's greatest challenges—in business and society.

Our past shapes our today and our tomorrow

Confidently navigating more than 175 years of innovation, we have been at the intersection of business and technology since the dawn of the steam engine. We have served clients through three industrial revolutions and now, we are more than ready to lead through the fourth. 

To create bold, new ways of helping people and to work towards a more sustainable world. To continue to build the trust of our clients, people and communities. To build a better futures.

This is our legacy. This is our future.

Deloitte has a long history of helping our people, clients and communities thrive through wars, recessions and pandemics. Resilience is a part of our DNA as we continue to make an impact.

Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO Emeritus

Learn how we live our Shared Values and help our clients, communities, and people thrive during times of adversity.

Our heritage in stories