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From data to drama

Fan engagement for the digital era

History happens in a hundredth of a second.

Personalised digital content means that more fans can experience that moment.

“As a fan, each moment is personal. And that’s going to be even more personal than ever before. It’s going to be more relevant and meaningful during those moments that I experience, like seeing my favourite athlete qualify or watching them battle through adversity and winning that gold medal.”

Lisa Eldredge, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte LLP

For each of the millions of fans who go to the Olympic Games, there are many more who devour the competition from miles away.

Although they may be watching the same event, it will be different for each fan. Moments shared by the world are felt in deeply individual ways—from anticipation to awe, celebration to crushing disappointment. Because sport is personal. Whether watching a favourite athlete or discovering a new sport, in-person or on screen, the impact is personal.

Working closely with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Deloitte is advising on the IOC’s business strategy, using digital transformation consulting capabilities, to create new possibilities for personalised fan engagement.

Transformation starts with discovery and analysis. By conducting a deep assessment into the existing digital fan experience, Deloitte has identified how data can enable personalised content across the fan lifecycle.

Based on this assessment, Deloitte advised on the development of a fan data platform that is intended to deliver personalised activations—from informing fans of upcoming moments, updates and highlights, to personalised video content, campaigns and promotions.

Deloitte plans to continually support the IOC’s business strategy to bring to life the Olympic Games in a personalised and digital way, for millions of fans around the world. By helping the IOC develop its fan data platform strategy, Deloitte aims to support the IOC’s goal of empowering people to immerse themselves in content that inspires them, with the end goal of customising each fan’s digital journey and enabling them to focus on the sports they love and the athletes they follow.

Through the assessment of the digital fan experience, followed by advising on the design and ongoing implementation of this fan data platform, Deloitte is here to help the world's greatest sporting event to deliver on its promise: "To build a better world through sport."

"Working on this feels like you’re part of something bigger than just data. It’s about trying to positively affect the world through sport and data can be a part of achieving that."

Lisa Eldredge, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte LLP

Deloitte | Worldwide Digital Transformation Consulting Partner

See the possibility. See the impact.

Personalisation and segmentation are going to be the biggest impact in the way that the Olympic Games moments are enjoyed by the fans at the live event and those cheering from home. They are what allow us to create a more connected, immersive experience during the Olympic Games and between each edition.

Michelle McGuire Christian, Digital Experience Lead, Consulting, Deloitte LLP 

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