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Global Boardroom Programme Webinar Schedule

Deloitte Global Boardroom Programme discussions are open to Board members and Senior Executives. If you are unable to attend because of time zone differences or scheduling conflicts, please register for the session and we will send you a link to the recording to watch at your convenience.

Come with us behind the headlines, as we look at Generative AI, how it differs from traditional AI approaches and how leading organisations are using it to foster innovation and competitiveness. For boards, how to best oversee its expansion and ethical use remains one of the larger challenges in the boardroom today.

In this webinar, we will be joined by a distinguished panel of business leaders and technology experts to explore the future of generative AI as well as how boards can best grapple with its use and related challenges.

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How can boards around the world actively ensure Diversity Equity & Inclusion is not only considered within the organisation, but is an integral part of business strategy? How do leading boards ensure that they have the right people in the boardroom and consider diversity in all its forms? How have gender quotas in certain countries increased the presence of women serving on boards? In organisations that are lagging, how can boards and their chairs spark a cultural shift that nurtures innovation, enhances performance and fosters a workplace where everyone thrives?

Join our distinguished panel of business leaders to learn more—and for a sneak peek into the results of the Deloitte Global Boardroom Programme’s latest report: ‘Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective.’

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How are boards grappling with changing societal demands of corporations to contribute to the greater good? How do the most effective boards think about stakeholder engagement, whether this is with employees, customers, the broader community or government? How should boards address environmental and social responsibilities while maintaining profitability?

Join us for a discussion with a panel of board chairs and executives, who will share their views on how leading boards are rethinking their role within society at large.

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What should Boards expect from the upcoming US Presidential election? How can boards of directors plan for the uncertain result and the effects of the election results on the US and Global economies? How can boards effectively navigate geopolitical complexities and align their decisions within this evolving reality?

In this webinar we will be joined by a distinguished panel of leaders from business, politics and economics to discuss the upcoming US election and its impact on the world.

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As COP29 approaches, climate issues are now at the forefront of the Board's agenda. What can we expect from the upcoming COP29 meeting in Dubai? How are leading boards building on the momentum around ambitions to reduce emissions, phasing out fossil fuels and achieving a net-zero carbon footprint? What role can institutional investors play to drive meaningful change?

To help us answer these questions, please join a distinguished panel of business leaders, as we discuss the Climate challenge and its implications for the Boardroom.

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