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Making sense of the future: Responding to the impact of COVID 19 with resilience

COVID-19 is taking the world by surprise, causing uncertainty and raising issues that require thoughtfulness, people-first responses. What will life look like after COVID-19?

The objective of this document is to share a view on how the world and especially, Sri Lanka can develop going forward. We want to help our clients explore the potential implications of COVID-19, identify decisions and actions that will improve resilience in the rapidly changing landscape, and move beyond ‘recovering’ from the crisis towards ‘thriving’ in the long run.

The team outlines the overall impact of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, managing the pandemic, recovery, and suggestions on how to thrive. As organisations (and their people) confront the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the impact of the outbreak will linger. To manage and mitigate the impact on their workforces, businesses must immediately act; start planning now for what comes next, and start thinking about what lies beyond.