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Workforce, Technology and Analytics

Digital transformation for your mobile workforce

Deloitte’s HR, tax and technology professionals help identify and implement effective technology and data analysis solutions to help manage and support a diverse mobile workforce.

Transform and align your mobile workforce using technology and analytics


The workforce and talent pools are evolving, driven by new talent models and an ever more mobile workforce. For HR, that can mean redesigning jobs, redefining work and reimagining the workplace. Businesses, employees and contractors, meanwhile, expect a mobility experience that is simple and personal. Companies must identify the HR technology and workforce solutions that best meet mobile employees’ needs and are right for the organisation and industry.

At Deloitte, we focus on areas including policy and process design, service delivery model transformation, operational scalability, cost management, program effectiveness measurement, customer experience enhancement, global talent strategy, digital planning, vendor management and workforce analytics. Deloitte’s intuitive digital tools, for example, can help increase the accuracy of compliance data as well as improve the employee experience by reducing manual data entry.

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary teams use a design-led, data-driven approach, based in deep industry and subject-matter expertise, to produce custom mobility and talent solutions. We use HR data, analytics and technology to help automate workflows, visualise and analyse data and inform strategic workforce decisions. Whether it is robotics, virtual reality, apps, machine learning, or AI, we seek to help clients find a balanced solution and a mobile tech-enabled workforces of the future. We help clients understand what is available now and what is coming, guiding you through a digital journey.

Examples of our service offerings:


  • Designing a global mobility technology strategy leveraging the latest platforms and digital tools to unlock workflow, data and a better employee experience.
  • Identifying how to use data analytics as a predictive tool to solve business challenges.
  • Aligning global mobility support and spend with project objectives such as response times, flexibility, service, cost management and compliance.
  • Redesigning, restructuring and rebranding mobility programs to deliver more effective services and create value across the mobile workforce.
  • Identifying cost reduction opportunities from operational optimisation, creative policy approaches and effective tax and social security compliance.
  • Setting up early-stage global mobility programs and scale supporting services as the program grows.
  • Offering advisory support during acquisitions, restructurings and other major corporate structure changes.