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Operate with dynamic control

Business model evolution is accelerating more quickly than ever. Take the first step towards transforming your tax department to increase your team’s agility and position your tax function as dynamic, fluid and influential.

Future-proof your tax department

As they accelerate their digital transformation, embed new ways of working, and identify new growth opportunities, companies are relying on their tax departments to offer perspective and help navigate challenges that arise along the way. The tax function is being called on to transform its role from compliance manager to that of strategic advisor to the business. Tax leaders are rethinking how the function works in three fundamental facets:

• The operating model
• The talent to execute it
• The technology needed to support the model and unleash new, value-added capabilities

Tax departments are looking to see how they can work with leading providers in an outsourcing, co-sourcing, or insourcing relationship to help achieve their goals. Deloitte’s Tax Operate services is your proven provider, working with you to stay ahead of regulatory changes, simplify compliance, harness technology and data, and elevate your tax function.


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Questions to ask yourself


Thoroughly assess the skill sets of your people, your technology maturity model, the business implications of the work that you are doing and the governance / compliance processes that you have in-house. By understanding the state of your department and where you need the fastest gains, you can set priorities and map the best plan to meet your business needs.


Given how rapidly data, business models and regulations change, speed matters. The faster you can modernise, the more benefit you stand to gain. Which means the further you are from using modern platforms, tapping real-time data and using your tax staff to leverage both, the more you should consider a hybrid staffing model outsourcing specific discreet functional tax processes and activities.


Exploring paths to new tax operating models can not only control costs, but they can also support real-time, accurate, forward-looking insights and processes that turn tax from a necessary cost of business into an invaluable resource that drives optimised competitiveness as well as seamless, continuous compliance.

Tax transformation trends series

The executive summary

For a high-level overview into how change is being achieved by leading tax teams within their tax operations, talent and technology departments, read our executive summary.

Operate services

We can help run and maintain core business services, processes and functions, including Tax, Finance, IT, Cyber, HR and more. Operate with Deloitte.


Trusted. Transformational. Together.

As global forces fundamentally shift how the tax function operates, tax leaders must become strategic advisors. We work with you side-by-side to connect you to expertise, capabilities, technology and innovative ideas to make you more agile. Lead your business through complexity with confidence.