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Kenya Budget Analysis 2022/23

Accelerating growth in uncertain times

Following the presentation of the 2022/23 Budget Speech by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, we have prepared budget highlights summarizing the key tax and related measures as well as priorities and reforms proposed for various sectors

Kenya Budget Analysis 2022/23

As part of the annual budget process, Deloitte has released its annual budget highlights document, summarizing the key tax measures and related aspects including the priorities and reforms proposed for various sectors.
Although the Finance Bill 2022 has not been published at the time of this analysis, this year’s budget appears to have minimal tax changes which should ideally be the norm as it assures some level of stability of the tax policy.


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Unpacking the 2022/23 Finance Bill

Following the budget reading, the National Treasury issued the Finance Bill, 2022 which sets out the proposed tax measures which will enable the Government raise revenue required to finance the priorities as set out in the Budget speech.

Our experts break down the proposed amendments to the various statutes through the Finance Bill, 2022 and analyse how these impact businesses, taxpayers and the public at large.

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