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Tax credits and incentives

Develop your tax credits and incentives strategy

Identifying, understanding and prioritising the right tax incentives for your organisation globally can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking—but it’s also one that can generate significant benefits.

We bring world-class professional services to support your company’s investment; innovation; and, environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies by identifying qualifying business tax credits and incentives. Deloitte’s IncentivesHub technology; an innovative; web-based incentive claims management system assists our global network of professionals in identifying emerging opportunities.

  • Global reach—Deloitte helps you see all the possibilities by identifying potential tax incentive opportunities available to your company worldwide.
  • Technology at the centre—Deloitte professionals leverage technology for operational efficiency and to gain a clear vision of relevant global investment opportunities.
  • Industry experience—Deloitte practitioners globally know and understand your industry, your business language and your technology.
  • A Life cycle view—Each tax incentive is considered in the context of the investment and innovation life cycle to realise the full financial and commercial benefit.
  • Total perspectives—Deloitte’s broad range of specialised services is available to help you consider the impact of incentives on your wider tax, financial and commercial activities so you can further enhance and accelerate potential business opportunities globally.
  • A flexible platform configured by your dedicated engagement team to fit your engagement
  • A practical way for Deloitte to gather and analyse tax credit and incentives data and compute eligible spend for incentives programmes
  • Data visualisations and real-time dashboards/heatmaps to support a data-driven approach to engagement management
  • Incentives tracking to identify, plan, execute and report across any statutory and discretionary credit and incentive portfolio—allows tracking of key milestones, tasks and credits and incentives obligations required to effectively assess, implement and comply and monetise sustainability incentives
  • A global incentive library of 5,000+ programmes to support a client’s pursuit of incentives across a company’s domestic and global footprint
  • An ability for Deloitte to collaborate with all stakeholders—such as finance, operations, engineering, tax, third-party collaborators, etc.—through the system
Business investments Business activity examples
Research & development
  • Product and process development or enhancement
  • Software development
Employment activities
  • Jobs creation or retention
  • Employee training
Real estate & investment
  • Business expansion or relocation
  • Equipment expenditures
  • Semiconductor investments
  • Infrastructure improvements
Sustainability initiatives
  • Green manufacturing
  • Energy property expenditures (wind, solar, inverters, battery storage, critical minerals)
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Emissions reduction
  • Carbon capture
  • Hydrogen production
  • Electric vehicles charging stations

Meet the Tax Credits & Incentives Team


IncentivesHub Business Strategy Leader
Chris Makris - Managing Director in Tax | Deloitte Tax LLP

IncentivesHub Technology Leader
Ashutosh Gandhi - Managing Director in Tax | Deloitte Tax LLP

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