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Managing Tax Risks
Thursday, 23 February 2023 7:52 PM SAST

In-person - Course

Event language: English

23 Feb.

19:52 SAST

Managing Tax Risks

Changes in Tax Law in Kenya are passed annually through Finance Acts following the budget reading. Consequently, taxpayers face the challenge of keeping abreast with the changes and applying the same to their operations. In addition, tax law does not provide for every possible scenario meaning that some of what we do is based on best practice, extrapolation, or jurisprudence.

Webinar Details

Date: 23 February 2023
Time: 9.00 am – 11.00 am
Cost: Free
David M’ibari - Associate Director | Tax & legal, Kenya

Maureen Kimamo - Manager | Tax & Legal,  Kenya

In this webinar, we will share insights on selected areas that concern many taxpayers in terms of application of the law and keeping tabs with changes in the law.

Course Content

There are many areas of concern. However,this course is limited to the following areas;

1. Employee Vs. Independent consultant

2. Long term employment incentives (such as share options)

3. Taxation of separation/terminal dues

4. Impact of some recent changes relating to employment benefits


• Empower our audience with information covering various topics of employment taxes that will assist in enhancing compliance and will include controversial areas and areas of uncertainty in interpretation of the law.

• Assist companies to pre-empt tax risks and possibly mitigate them by exploring the prevailing tax laws and available jurisprudence.

Target Audience

All Finance and tax practitioners would benefit from this training. However, it will be most meaningful for payroll administrators, rewards & benefits managers, human capital practitioners, and tax and payroll accountants.