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Turnaround & Restructuring

Move fast to thrive

Volatile market conditions present unprecedented challenges for businesses today, but also tremendous opportunities for those prepared to act decisively.

Successfully navigating difficult and often complex situations demands specialist expertise and knowledge. 

Time to turn things around?

In testing times, companies and stakeholders' ability to rapidly and appropriately respond to business challenges and opportunities is critical to protecting and driving value.

By connecting insight and expertise, our Turnaround & Restructuring professionals advise and support boards, management teams and stakeholders to address stress, manage crisis, effect turnarounds, deliver restructurings and, crucially, transform vulnerability into confidence.

Our bespoke approach and analytics tools provide clarity and direction, accelerating recovery and transformation.

We also bring deep industry knowledge and breadth of situational experience, working hand in hand with our clients to deliver a successful outcome.

Deloitte provides the necessary insight and know how for clients to successfully navigate the challenges and help them Move fast to thrive.

Turnaround Management Association's 2021

International Business Turnaround of the Year

    Our comprehensive suite of turnaround & restructuring services

    Our global network of 2,500 dedicated Turnaround & Restructuring professionals bring leadership and deliver value to companies and their key stakeholders, across our comprehensive suite of services:

    • Crisis Management
    • Liquidity Management
    • CRO Services, Managed Exit
    • Third Party Credit Risk
    • Working Cap Management

    Uncertainty is not new, but today’s post-pandemic outlook presents businesses in many sectors with an unprecedented variety of complex strategic, operational, financial and organisational challenges.

    From the need to react or adapt to a specific challenge, to managing a full-blown crisis, our Turnaround experts bring clarity and insight that clients require to successfully navigate business critical challenges.

    Whether it’s working capital management or liquidity support that is required, or the expertise, insight and speed required to generate and implement a group-wide turnaround plan, our Turnaround experts have an unmatched and demonstrable track record of supporting and leading our clients to a successful outcome.

    Uniquely, we bring Deloitte’s market leading digital Transformation capabilities and our deep sector and business understanding into the turnaround planning, deploying teams as required to accelerate change   and maximise potential value for the benefit of key stakeholders. 

    • Lead Financial Restructuring Advisor
    • CBR & IBR
    • Contingency Planning
    • Distressed M&A Planning
    • Restructuring Tax & Legal
    Whatever the potential trigger might be, today’s landscape of uncertainties means businesses having to continually assess and reassess the appropriateness of their existing capital structure and funding options, and in many cases the financial restructuring options for their balance sheets to sustain/grow the business.
    This need for continual scenario planning and testing of options, combined with often competing priorities of the businesses’ owners, customers/suppliers and financiers presents, management with complex obstacles and extended timelines to achieving a successful outcome, even if the case for restructuring is compelling.
    Our Restructuring experts bring with them the essential expertise and experience and vital strategic insight, deep sector and debt market knowledge and the ability to draw upon the support and capabilities of the full compliment of Deloitte’s services, especially debt advisory and tax structuring support.
    Whether clients require our Restructuring professionals to act as the lead advisor or to rapidly deliver robust financial analysis to support the Restructuring Plan or an Independent Business Review or contingency plans our Restructuring professionals are ideally placed to ensure a successful and timely outcome is delivered.
    • Distressed Debt Advisory
    • Rescue Capital Advisory
    • Valuations & Modelling
    • Portfolio Lead Advisory Services

    The global pandemic and resulting government actions and sectoral transformation have accelerated and accentuated the challenges for borrowers and lenders across the globe. Continuing volatility and disruption, and the unprecedented post–pandemic debt overhang will exacerbate these challenges going forward.

    Our dedicated Debt & Capital Advisory professionals and Portfolio Lead Advisory Services (PLAS) specialists are uniquely placed to support clients in managing their refinancing challenges and distressed debt issues, whether that be for a single name or a broad portfolio, driven by regulatory capital requirements.

    Our Debt & Capital Advisory and PLAS teams bring unparalleled expertise and experience of sourcing new and alternative capital for clients, leveraging our global debt market and investor relationships.

    We help clients to tell their story to the markets clearly and effectively, leveraging our business review, planning, modelling and valuation teams, providing robust support for credit and investment committees.

    • Insolvency
    • Bankruptcy Support
    • Distressed M&A
    • Forensic Investigation

    Far from being an option of last resort, Insolvency or Bankruptcy processes very often play a crucial role in rehabilitating businesses for the future and delivering a successful financial and operational restructuring.

    Our global network of Deloitte insolvency and bankruptcy professionals has a market leading track record in facilitating successful outcomes for local in-country processes as well as complex cross-border restructurings.

    We are experts in innovatively deploying insolvency processes as part of a wider restructuring effort to protect and preserve value, regardless of how difficult or complex or time-critical the circumstances.

    In many situations, our Accelerated M&A and Forensic teams are involved too, working seamlessly with our Insolvency professionals, deploying our proven bespoke methodologies to maximise value recoveries in adverse scenarios, whether that’s delivered in parallel with the insolvency planning or after the event.