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Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Unlock opportunity, create value

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow and strengthening our economy today, but not without challenges. We will help you shape strategies and build innovative solutions that reveal economic, financial and social value. You will have experienced professionals at every step, providing you with the best of both practical guidance and actionable insights.

Build a better tomorrow

We believe infrastructure design should enhance outcomes and, most importantly, serve people. Working extensively in the public, private and capital investment sectors, we can advise you on navigating infrastructure investment shortfalls and more.

Using innovative methods and applying knowledge across various geographies, sectors and services, we can incentivise public infrastructure investment, attract private sector participation and fuel economic growth.

Making an impact that matters


From accessing capital to creating value, informed decision making to planning ahead – we bring the very best minds from across Deloitte Infrastructure & Capital Projects (I&CP) to turn the complex into clear.


We connect infrastructure with innovation. With an end-to-end approach, we work with organisations to build sustainable business growth, backed by our cutting-edge cross-border teams.


Enhancing outcomes and services for citizens through infrastructure is a primary focus. Working extensively in the public, private and capital investment sectors, we’re with you at every step.