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An award winning solution for making field sales and service teams more efficient

Pocketsales, a suite of apps built on the Salesforce CRM platform

The Pocketsales suite puts insight into the reps’ hands, helping them to make the most of their time. Featuring intelligent call planning, offline working, and access to real-time reports.

Plan calls intelligently

Whether call plans are prescribed or your reps use their judgment, Pocketsales allows reps to efficiently plan their daily activity. Reps can mine an organisation’s data visually on maps, schedule calls on-the-go, and plan the best route to take – it even factors in traffic so they always know they’re taking the quickest route.

No connection? No problem!

Get access to a dedicated app that’s a joy to use, whether you have internet connectivity or not. Deloitte’s synchronisation mechanism means reps can take the cloud with them so the app works whenever and wherever they go.

Drives your call process

Reps can start a call in seconds with each step of the call customisable to your needs. Consumer goods companies can capture product distribution details, carry out flexible surveys, and complete customer orders.