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Thursday, 19 August 2021 10:00 AM EAT


19 Aug.

Thursday, 10:00 EAT | 2 Hr.

Implementing requirements of the Kenya Data Protection Act

A Regulatory Pressure or an Opportunity for Organisations?

Facilitators: Urvi Patel, Julie Nyang'aya, Leishen Pillay, Immaculate Kassait, Janet Othero, and Catherine Kariuki

Complying with the Kenya Data Protection Act and other privacy laws and regulations may appear to be a daunting task and a regulatory burden for most organisations. Can organisations establish privacy programs by adopting a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted approach, that not only serve to sustainably comply with the Act, but also provide other benefits and opportunities?

Join us in our panel discussion with the Data Commissioner (Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC)) as we dive deeper into the above topic.

1. Highlights of the Act and progress in the implementation journey - Data Commissioner (Keynote speaker)
2. Presentations:
a) Legal implications of the Act for organisations of various types (Triple O K Law Advocates)
b) Regulatory pressure or opportunity - what should be an organisations viewpoint, why and how? (Implementation approach) (Deloitte team)
3. Panel discussion
4. Q&A session

- Understand from the Data Commissioner the progress on implementation of the Act;
- Understand the legal implications based on what has been so far published by the ODPC; and
- Understand what organisations should consider as drivers for compliance and perspectives of a practical implementation approach that also ensures further opportunities outside of compliance.

- Legal Leaders and officers
- Risk & Compliance leads- IT Systems, Data and Security leads 
- HR Head and Leads
- Operations heads and leads
- Procurement and commercial services leads
- Marketing heads and digital marketing teams