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Deloitte Partners with the National Olympics Committee of Kenya

Deloitte Partners with the National Olympics Committee of Kenya to Drive Transformation of the Olympic Movement in the Country

Nairobi, Kenya, 28 May 2024 — Deloitte East Africa and the National Olympics Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) today formed a “partnership with purpose” to propel the evolution of the Olympic movement in Kenya. With Kenya's rich history of over 60 years of Olympic participation and success, this partnership aims to extend the impact of sports beyond the field of play. As a Worldwide Olympic Partner through to 2032, Deloitte lends its in-depth expertise in management and business consulting, with which we will support NOC-K in fulfilling its role as an umbrella sports organisation and an affiliate of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).   


"Our resolve and purpose have always been to deliver our services specifically to our athletes and affiliates by enabling them to succeed. The collaboration with Deloitte East Africa will give us the business direction to support our strategy delivery and processes, allowing us to operate a sporting organisation while taking inspiration from excellent corporate practices," said Dr. Paul Tergat, NOC-K President. 


Dr. Tergat further added, “We are very proud to have Deloitte East Africa on board and are fully aware that this will be an active business management partnership. We must recognise that solving business challenges and adopting sustainability models that future-proof our organisation requires world-class external expertise. We have an obligation not only to our athletes but also to our partners and sponsors, who demand very high levels of professionalism and accountability.”  


The partnership will commence with the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games and run through the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games. It will also continuously support other global sporting events, including the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games, the Youth Commonwealth Games, and the Commonwealth Games.


Speaking about the partnership, Anne Muraya, Deloitte East Africa CEO said, “This is an incredible opportunity that embodies our strategy, ‘Purpose Beyond Profit’. This partnership results from Deloitte's two-decade-long history with the Olympics and its appointment as the World's Olympic partner through 2032. The collaboration with NOC-K will further bolster confidence among their partners, stakeholders, and athletes to advance the future of sports in Kenya.”    


Gladys Makumi, Deloitte East Africa Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Leader underscored the partnership's focus on purpose-driven initiatives, aiming to leverage Deloitte's expertise to help NOC-K realise its strategic goals and contribute to building a better world through sport. She noted, “Our collaboration with NOC-K will seek to address critical challenges identified in its agenda, including strategy development, monitoring and evaluation; establishment of sustainable governance frameworks that are centered around the athlete; provision of athlete career management & post-career transition programs; digital transformation; and risk and financial advisory, to drive progress and meaningful impact. We are excited to unlock the potential of this unique partnership and look forward to the rippling effect this partnership is going to have for years to come.”    


Francis Mutuku, Secretary General NOC-K said, “NOC-K intends to build on this territory partnership with Deloitte EA to endear to Deloitte’s TOP partnership with IOC to unlock further possibilities and truly impact the athletes."  


Akinyemi Awodumila, Deloitte East Africa Sustainability and Climate Leader stated, “We are keen to deepen this partnership and together use sports as a platform for positive change in society. Our experience and insights serving over 3,000 organisations in delivering their sustainability strategy will be leveraged for the benefit of the committee to their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Deloitte has developed end-to-end solution sets of market offering that cover every step of the journey as organisations redefine their strategies to embed sustainability into their operations. The implementation of ESG projects by Deloitte and NOC-K in the sports field is a testament to the impactful transformation that can be achieved through this partnership.” 


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