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Are you Cyber Mature? Your Results (High)

Maturity matters

In today’s environment of heightened cyber importance, we drew from our experience working with thousands of organisations worldwide to assess an organisation’s cyber maturity. 

Based on your responses, your organisation has HIGH cyber maturity, adhering to most of the leading practices.

How does this compare with Deloitte’s 2023 Future of Cyber Survey respondents?

Defining maturity: To define cyber maturity and identify the high performers who are shaping the future of cyber, we used three sets of leading practices to rate organisations:

  • Robust cyber planning, indicated by the presence of strategic, operational, and tactical plans to defend against and respond to cyber threats
  • Key cyber activities, such as qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, industry benchmarking and incident-response scenario planning
  • Effective board engagement, exemplified by organisations whose boards address cyber-related issues on a regular basis

Maturity at any size, in any industry

All three of the segments (low, medium, high) spanned industries as well as organisation size and revenue—indicating that maturity level may not be significantly dependent on a company’s industry or size.