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Robert Habwe

Manager, Financial Advisory

Robert Habwe is manager with the Financial Advisory Services team in Deloitte Eastern Africa. He has over 20 years experience in corporate restructuring, interim management, exit management, liquidations, receiverships and administrations.

Robert is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner in Kenya. A specialist in insolvency matters covering Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Robert manages companies in distress and exit management situations in both local and multinational companies in East Africa. Robert manages insolvent companies by overseeing the companies’ business operations pending sale, preparing of sale prospectus, estimating realisation values for various classes of assets, liaising with potential buyers, relevant government departments and labour unions ; and overseeing sale of assets. Experienced in a wide range of sectors; real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, Export Processing Zones , aviation, construction, car dealership, pharmaceutical and service industries.