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MWC Barcelona (scheduled for 23-27 February 2020) was cancelled as an in-person event this year. Deloitte was to have been a sponsor of the event, with numerous activities around the theme of Connectivity: The 5G era. Our sponsorship was designed to help companies across industries understand strategic opportunities to build, bu, and partner across the mobile ecosystem for growth and competitive advantage. We were very much looking forward to sharing our insights with the more than 100,000 attendees of MWC Barcelona.

Although MWC Barcelona is not happening live, we are pleased to bring you a rich range of content from Deloitte that would have been shared during the conference. These are now available via webinars, videos, thought leadership and other fresh insights. We invite you to watch, read, and listen to learn more about the breathtaking possibilities of Connectivity: The 5G Era.

For additional information on the event cancellation, please visit the conference web site.

Webinar: What is the Intelligent Edge and how is it reshaping the enterprise?

The intelligent edge is generating plenty of buzz, but what it is and how companies are benefitting from it is often unclear. This webinar explains what the intelligent edge is; how computing power, storage and next-gen connectivity are combining to create it; and provides examples of how companies are using it to: Create new customer experiences, Deliver new products and operate more efficiently, Increase agility, Improve data privacy and regulatory compliance, reduce costs. The webinar also highlights how the intelligent edge is changing competitive dynamics within the technology and telecommunications industries.

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The 5G frenzy: Telcos, media companies and consumers

Mark Casey, Global Telecom, Media & Entertainment Leader

5G cellular technology is going to be a piece of cake for the consumer divisions of media and telecom companies. Specifically, a three-layer cake with a bit of icing on top!

So far, much of the focus on consumer 5G has been around things like 8K VR and gaming in the cloud. Don’t get us wrong: those are cool technologies that really (really really) need the power of 5G to work well on mobile devices. But, for the next few years at least, they are only the icing on the cake: most of the cake is made up of three other layers, all of them video based.

Video-sharing platforms. They already represent more than 40% of all downstream traffic on global mobile networks worldwide. 5G allows faster downloads, and higher device density (think crowded transit systems during rush hour), and we expect consumers to switch to 5G phones and plans to support their social video habits.

#StreamingWars: SVOD and AVOD. On their own, the top two SVOD services represent over one sixth of total internet downstream traffic…but mobile has been much smaller at under five percent. Watch for (as it were) 5G to narrow that gap, as both mobile 5G and 5G for fixed wireless access give users higher speeds, higher data caps, and lower the per GB cost for operators of delivering those services. Combined with multiple new streaming services, both subscription (ad free) and ad supported services that allow anyone to watch for free or for a discount, and there’s a VOD tidal wave coming.

Uploading goes up. 30,000 fans in an arena want to upload and share video and audio of their favorite singer…but 4G can’t support that many users in such a small space. Only 5G will cut it, and look for consumers, especially younger ones, to flock to 5G devices and plans, and up become the new down.

Timing and magnitude of newer tech such as gaming and VR are uncertain. But what isn’t uncertain is insatiable consumer demand for fast, dense, two-way 5G data networks for video, video…and did we mention video?

Deloitte and The Female Quotient (The FQ), a company dedicated to advancing equality, have a strategic alliance dedicated to advancing inclusion in the workplace by furthering conversations, activating solutions for change and collaborating to create measurements for accountability.

As a formal alliance, Deloitte and The FQ host and create equality-focused pop-ups at global conferences where attendees can connect, collaborate and activate change together. The alliance has a special focus on leading the diversity and inclusion conversation in the tech industry—where minorities and women may be under represented—in order to transform workplace culture, starting with C-suite leaders.

Our research, Shift/Forward: The Future of Leadership, is an inaugural study with The Female Quotient that examines how leadership styles should evolve to meet the expectations of today’s workers. We discovered that the respondents were looking for the “Human CEO”—a leader of any seniority level who is able to balance hard and soft power traits.

View the full study.

Helping media companies quickly launch new products and improve subscribers experience
Deloitte and Vlocity announce new joint 5G media solution.

Meeting customers when and where they want
Verizon, Deloitte Digital and Salesforce have joined forces to turn cart abandonment into compelling customer experience across every channel.

HPE and Deloitte partner to help telcos navigate the 5G network evolution. Watch the video.

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