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Global Mobile Consumer Survey

The Kenyan Cut

Smartphone use remains high, but how we use them is changing. We are now in a period where smartphones and smart devices are an integral part of our lives across all age groups, and as we demand entertainment, knowledge and instant connection at an increasing pace, we will continue to explore and embrace this life-enhancing journey.

Key Takeaways

The report focuses on how consumers are using their mobile devices in Kenya, covering the following 8 themes:

  • Can’t talk right now, please message me
  • Content by the people, for the people
  • Payments: Cash on me vs. Cash with me
  • Talking to myself: Rise of the voice assistant
  • Smartphone addiction: Easier to use filters than filter use
  • The omnipresent smartphone
  • Choosing an operator: Price-driven shopping over network reliability and need for speed
  • Open season on companies using personal data