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The Smart Factory @ Dusseldorf

Testing Industry 4.0 under real conditions

The Smart Factory @ Dusseldorf is much more than just a showroom for digital applications. In our state of the art facility, visitors can get hands-on experience exploring how to apply innovative solutions to their real life challenges, and develop forward-looking transformation models for their companies.

Digital transformation has the potential to bring incredible efficiencies to production and the supply chain. But it’s not always easy to know where to start, how these innovations will work in reality or translate to each business. Together with Deloitte experts, visitors to the Dusseldorf Smart Factory can experience how new approaches work in practice and interact with various use cases integrated in an end-to-end production line. A unified digital backbone connects to our factories in Japan and the United States, and allows us to demonstrate a global network of facilities in action.

From the first inspiration to the new business model, the tailor-made programs of the Smart Factory support companies on their way to becoming factories of the future.

Making digitisation tangible

In The Smart Factory @ Dusseldorf, a variety of use cases and workshops are available to explore the digital possibilities available. Areas such as production, procurement and purchasing, supply chain management as well as higher-level dimensions such as quality management can be covered.

To bring the production line to life, visitors will be able to customise and build an excavator from 35 components. Although, it will be made of toy building blocks, the technology and principles still apply! The technology used from order processing to quality control complies with the latest industry standards, so the advantages of digital methods are directly and meaningfully demonstrated.

By integrating innovative use cases, participants are encouraged to take new approaches to their problems, allowing us to support in identifying suitable solutions to support their unique "digital journey." Last but not least, promising new business models can also be developed, which are crucial for a forward-looking digital transformation in the industrial sector.

To learn more about our tailored programs, from IIoT training boot camps, Digital Maturity Index assessments, please get in touch with our team listed below.

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Podcast "The Smart Factory Talks"-Listen in!

In this Smart Factory podcast from our German team, we exchange ideas with experts on a wide variety of digitisation topics–both nationally and internationally. You will learn what new potential the digital transformation opens up for production and supply chain. Please note this is in the German language.

Click here for the Smart Factory podcast on Soundcloud

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