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InfraCompass 2020

Set your infrastructure policies in the right direction

The Global Infrastructure Hub has partnered with Deloitte to update InfraCompass, a global framework to objectively quantify a country’s infrastructure investment enabling environment. InfraCompass 2020 covers 81 countries, collectively representing 93 percent of global GDP and 86 percent of the global population.

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A common ambition for countries and multinational organisations is to meet the increasing infrastructure need in the face of sustained population growth and urbanisation, changing technologies and service needs, and the social-environmental ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The InfraCompass 2020 from Global Infrastructure Hub provides a comprehensive view of the indicators that enable infrastructure investment. It aims to help governments identify opportunities to reduce the barriers to investment, improve performance (including through best practice guidance), and encourage greater investment in quality infrastructure.

Recent COVID-19 pandemic could have major impacts on infrastructure investment in ways that are not yet completely understood. However, infrastructure can play a pivotal role in stimulating economies that are heading towards a downturn as a result of the pandemic. InfraCompass 2020 has identified the most important catalysts within each infrastructure driver for unlocking quality infrastructure across 81 countries:

  • Funding capacity—credit rating of the government to borrow money for infrastructure spending
  • Permits—reliability and transparency of land administration processes
  • Procurement—transparency of procurement processes
  • Financial markets—overall depth of the local financial market to sustain relatively large financial transactions
  • Governance—protections for creditors to recover their investment if a business or project fails
  • Planning—transparent public infrastructure project pipelines to allow industry to prepare for projects and citizens to have a say
  • Regulatory frameworks—ability of the government to formulate and implement sound regulations to promote infrastructure investment and delivery
  • Activity—a strong recent track record of investment in infrastructure by governments and the private sector

InfraCompass shows the goal of delivering successful, valuable, and quality infrastructure can be achieved through reforming key practices. Countries can then realise the flow-on benefits of greater growth, productivity, jobs, trade and outcomes for the community and environment. As the world recovers and begins to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery of quality infrastructure will become increasingly important to drive economic inclusivity and progress.

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