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Global Government Forum and Deloitte
Tuesday, 25 January 2022 12:00 AM EET

Past Event




Global Government Forum and Deloitte

Webinar series 2022

Conversations with leading minds from global public and private sectors

On 25 January, Deloitte and the Global Government Forum convened an expert panel to discuss how to reshape public investment strategies and decision-making frameworks around today’s economic and social priorities—navigating through the short-term uncertainties created by the pandemic and forging a path to long-term growth and renewal through green investment.

As the world reopens following the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments are revisiting their plans for public investment. Plans of what to build, and where, may no longer match the needs of the economies that have been restructured by COVID-19. Many also do not reflect plans to get national economies to reduce their carbon emissions to net zero, which will radically change what governments should—and should not be—investing in.

This session examines how governments can use infrastructure spending to produce the greatest—and broadest – returns within economies altered by the pandemic. What forms of investment would best rebuild public services, equipping them for the challenges to come? And how can wider goals, such as the drive to net zero and public well-being, be built into funding decisions?


Cristiana Belu Mănescu
Economist, European Commission

Ipek Gencsu
Senior Research Fellow, Climate and Sustainability, Open Data Institute

Mariano Moszoro
Senior Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Michael Flynn
Global Sector Leader, Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Government, Deloitte

Siobhan Benita (Webinar chair)
Former UK senior civil servant