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European Social Services Conference
Thursday, 9 June 2022 2:00 AM CET

Past Event


9 - 11 Jun.

02:00 CET

European Social Services Conference

Join us as we discuss how social care systems can meet future demands and ensure equitable, easy, user-centric access to services.

Deloitte is proud to be a premier sponsor of the European Social Services Conference in Hamburg, Germany. The conference brings together the public authorities, the private sector and care providers to discuss the latest innovations transforming social services with the aim of leaving no one behind.


Join us as we discuss how social care systems can meet future demands and ensure equitable, easy, user-centric access to services.

Transforming social care: Moving beyond “better, faster, cheaper”

Making existing approaches more efficient or cost-effective won’t produce meaningful change in social care. Leaders must instead relinquish old orthodoxies, focus on early intervention, attack problems at their root source and create paths to greater self-sufficiency and resilience.


The European Social Services Conference is the largest annual forum for public social services in Europe. This year, the conference will take place in Hamburg, Germany from 8-10th June 2022.

The forum convenes public authorities, private sector professionals and care providers to discuss the latest innovations in social care policy and practice. Under the theme, ‘Rethinking Recovery: Reshaping social services with new tools’, the European Social Services Conference invites delegates to explore reforms in social services that enable a modern and resilient system that is responsive, equitable and aligned to the needs of the user.

Deloitte at the European Social Service Conference

Thursday 9th June 2022 | 2:00PM – 3:00PM (CEST)

Led by National Human Services Leader for Deloitte Canada, Josh Hjartarson, this session will guide participants through a discussion of how governments can redesign systems through the exploration of four emerging service delivery models: Equitable & Human Centered Services, Integrated and Seamless Services Delivery, Operational Excellence and Workforce Optimization.

Friday, 10th June 2022 | 10:00AM - 11:00AM (CEST)

Drawing from regional examples, Debbie Sills, Global Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader, will moderate a panel of industry experts as they discuss the reforms needed to build a comprehensive post COVID-19 workforce strategy to support millions of social care professionals across Europe.

Friday, 10th June 2022 | 11:30AM – 12:00PM (CEST)

In this session, our team will take conference delegates through how Deloitte is helping social care organisations to assess their Digital DNA and identify their Digital Maturity – changing the way they organise, operate and behave.

Reweaving the social safety net: Building modern, responsive social protections

With rising budget pressures and recipient expectations, the social safety net is soon becoming unsustainable. What can public sector organisations do to meet future demands and ensure equitable, easy, customer-centric access to services?

Improving customer engagement in health and human services

To elevate the human experience, Health and Human Service agencies need to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time through their preferred channel. Technology, coupled with a sound personalisation strategy, can make it happen.