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Deloitte Women in Mergers & Acquisitions

We are the women in M&A. We navigate complexity and bring businesses together to build stronger futures. 

Meet Deloitte’s Women in Mergers & Acquisition services.

We’ve made great strides over the past several decades in increasing the number of women in client service and leadership roles, including those in M&A-related fields such as Valuation & Modelling, Corporate Finance, Turnaround & Restructuring and Infrastructure & Economic Advisory. The gender gap is shrinking but we still have a long way to go, especially at the executive level.

The business case for diversity is crystal clear and we know organisations with women as part of their teams outperform and provide enormous advantages. “Diversity of thought is crucial to structure a deal, in order to get the incentives right and to make sure that everybody is heard,” Rikke Beckman Danielsen notes in her candid interview. We also know that how women respond to challenges and opportunities makes a difference and according to Jiak See Ng, “women often have a different way of getting things done in the boardroom.” Women with diverse backgrounds and skill sets bring a unique perspective to teams and businesses in a way that can improve decision-making and create long-lasting value.

That’s why this campaign is so important and why we’re excited to share with you the stories of some of the world-class women from our global M&A businesses. Women who bring with them a breadth of diversity across all dimensions. Through them, we help make a lasting positive impact for our firm, clients and communities.

So, get to know our women in M&A, explore their stories, make connections and ask us questions!

We are the women in M&A. We navigate complexity and bring businesses together to build stronger futures. We define strategies and unlock value. We understand risk and reward and make historic deals happen. We see problems differently and solve them uniquely. We imagine new possibilities, establish trust, drive growth and find solutions to the most pressing issues facing our clients and communities to shape a better tomorrow.

We need more like us.  We need more like you. Join us

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Meet the Deloitte women in Mergers & Acquisitions services.



Deloitte Women in Forensic

We are the women in Forensic. We navigate complexity and respond to critical business events while building trust.