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STEM Students at Deloitte

Everyone is welcome. We are looking to bring a variety of interns and graduates to Deloitte. We invite real people to join us, talented and with different backgrounds, individual strengths, passions, and characters.

We welcome people from every kind of background. A huge number of interns and graduates who join our Audit & Assurance and Tax programmes among others, do not have a business degree. Their degrees were across the spectrum of science, technology, engineering and maths. Having grown to be the largest professional services firm in the world, our strength consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

We want to talk to you!

One thing connects us: our attitude. We are curious, imaginative and open-minded. From our partners to our interns, we are all here to make a positive impact for our clients and society, as well as build successful careers for ourselves. Read some of our stories below from our people who have come from STEM courses.

Women in STEM at Deloitte!

Meet David Madden

From Botany to Business

Coming from a science background it was really comforting to work in an environment that valued such learning and creativity.
From the off I have been given interesting and varied work that allowed me to start building my understanding of the tax system straight away, and has ensured that my days are never boring or taxing (terrible pun intended).
I got an immediate feeling from Deloitte that they really do embrace the diversity of people, whilst encouraging growth through continuous learning and professional development. I realised very quickly that there were many others like me who came from different backgrounds and had plenty to learn.

Meet Conor McDaid

Joining Tax as a STEM Graduate

My STEM background allows me to better understand many of our potential client’s products, which in turn allows me to provide recommendations to the management team in relation to more technical products or services.

I’m really glad that I applied for a summer internship here in Deloitte, even though my degree didn’t originally seem relevant. I would recommend that anyone who isn’t sure what they want to do after college does the same. The learning and development team, the online resources and the people-focussed culture mean that anyone can achieve their full potential here. That includes the likes of me, studying for a non-business degree.

Meet Cillian Dickson

Life as an Actuarial Graduate

When deciding what my next step after college was going to be there was no obvious answer. I studied Theoretical Physics in TCD and I wanted to apply the skills I had picked up to something new and challenging. After talking to existing team members I joined the Actuarial, Rewards and Analytics practice.
I studied Business Information Systems in UCC as I was interested in learning about how technology integrates into business in general, so naturally the topic of technology risk and assurance greatly interested me given the level of media coverage that has grown throughout the years in topics such as fraud, information security and cyber-attacks. All in all it’s a unique career opportunity which a lot of companies out there are not currently offering graduates.

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