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Empowering our people to live their purpose through Deloitte People’s Impact Fund

Supporting people to champion the charities they care about

The People’s Impact Fund enables our people develop charity projects they are passionate about aligned to Deloitte’s WorldImpact strategy.

Our social impact strategy was refined to specifically impact lives through improved educational outcomes, access to education, and job opportunities. However, we were aware that this may not always encapsulate other causes close to our people’s hearts. 

As a result, in late 2021, we launched our first Deloitte People’s Impact Fund to provide funding for our people to live their purpose through charities and organisations they are directly involved with in their communities. The first year of the fund a total of €50,000 was available. In 2022-2023, this doubled to €100,000. 

All Deloitte Ireland employees are eligible to apply. Consideration is given to immediate family members interested as well once the applicant has an active role in the organisation or in the proposed project. 

The initiatives seeking funds must align to Deloitte's WorldImpact strategy (WorldClass, WorldClimate and ALLIN).  For successful applicants a minimum of €2,500 up to €25,000 could be awarded per project/per person and more funding in exceptional circumstances. 

Following a judging and review process where we received independent support from The Community Foundation for Ireland, we selected 10 projects to receive funding. The charities and projects were varied. The feedback from funding recipients shows the impact on the chosen charities and the communities they serve.

The Deloitte People’s Impact Fund is having a positive impact on the awarded charities in Ireland, and beyond. It also shines a light on the incredible commitment and work our people demonstrate living their purpose in addition to their Deloitte role.

"The project will provide direct support to approximately 300 people with albinism. It will also train 12 health professionals. We anticipate the project will impact a further 600 secondary beneficiaries who are made up of the family members, caregivers and teachers of our direct beneficiaries. We anticipate the project will positively impact the lives of 912 people in Malawi."

Standing Voice, FY23 People’s Impact Fund recipient

"The funding that we received through the People’s Impact Fund will enable us to develop and test a best practice assessment programme for adults with suspected Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). At the moment there is no public service available for adults which means that people have to pay privately for an assessment. This is despite the fact that diagnosis of dyspraxia in people of all ages has increased by 40% in the last decade."

DCD/Dyspraxia Ireland, FY23 People’s Impact Fund recipient

Key contacts

Sinead Gogan


Chief Human Resources Officer