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Regulatory Compliance Suite

Improve your regulatory compliance risk governance platform

Transform how you manage compliance governance and supervision

Staying ahead of the latest rules and regulations can be very complex and costly for companies that find themselves out of compliance.

Deloitte’s Compliance Suite brings the data, intelligence and expertise you need to assess and transform the processes, controls and infrastructure in your business. Our people and technology help you to be a responsible business by addressing the specific regulations and regulatory risks that you face.

Designed and operated by our Regulatory Professionals from around the world, the Compliance Suite includes technology enabled solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve - wherever you are, whatever the industry and whenever the regulation applies.

Knowing you are compliant is becoming increasingly difficult to determine. The complex tangle of local and international regulations is constantly being expanded and amended. You want certainty, to anticipate future risks and increase awareness within the organization. Our Compliance Suite enables you to do exactly so.

Why Deloitte?
Deloitte has over 175 years of experience in risk and compliance. Just like you, our risk and compliance specialists experience the complexity firsthand. We know that you need tailor-made solutions to cover your entire playing field. We know that you don't just want to see regulation but would like to comment directly on it, for example, what the company policy is. Because of our practice-oriented insights, we have developed powerful Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools.

The Compliance Suite

Managing and maintaining regulatory compliance in an ever-changing, digitally evolving global environment has never been more complex and expensive. To meet ever-changing challenges, we link regulatory compliance across the organization:

Client Case Studies

The organization’s existing regulatory horizon scanning process was manual and reactive. They needed a tech-enabled solution to transform the way they tracked and managed regulatory compliance at scale and that linked into their existing GRC platform.

Our Solution

• Single source of truth and one-stop-shop for all regulatory change alerts.

• Standardized operating model for managing regulatory obligations across the organization.

Benefits to our client

• Efficiency gains in regulatory monitoring and management of circa 40%.

• Peace of mind for the compliance team due to the proactive tracking and management of all regulatory change.

Our client, a leading bank in the United Kingdom, needed an improved approach to manage regulatory obligations and rules mapping. Full horizon scanning, visibility of requirements, and compliance traceability were among key issues for the management team.

Our Solution

• Full implementation across business lines, functions, jurisdictions and legal entities spanning all three lines of defense.

• Monitoring 100+ regulatory sources and 200+ regulatory publications.

• Enabled the bank to strengthen its operating model and transform the risk framework.

• Pilot MVP delivered in 6 months and scaled to full MSP in 12 months.

Benefits to our client

• Significant efficiency of +60% in reduced time and resources.

• Global single version of the 'regulatory-truth’.

• Digitization of compliance operating model across first and second lines of defense.

• Ability to identify overlapping / duplicative controls.

• Chief Compliance Officer has peace of mind when reporting to the board.

• Solution roll-out across new core functions e.g. Finance and HR and to global markets.

This global financial institution wanted to digitize their end-to-end compliance monitoring process. Their existing regulatory horizon scanning approach was manual and excel driven. They had multiple systems in place, with no single source of truth for managing regulatory changes.

Our Solution

• Horizon scanning and regulatory universe implemented to track regulatory changes as they are published and manage business    obligations in a central digital repository.

• Rules mapping capability to identify regulatory rules and map them to risks and controls processes internally.

• Regulatory change module to manage response to regulatory changes, run impact assessments, identify gaps and track any remediation if    required.

Benefits to our client

• Proactive approach to managing regulatory change with visibility of upcoming regulatory developments as and when they are published.

• Able to clearly evidence compliance with tracing from source through to impact.

• A single solution for managing regulatory obligations.

• Reduced manual effort and time involved in global horizon scanning.

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Reg hub is Deloitte's Compliance tool that provides you with a single of a view of your regulatory obligations and the impact on your business.