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Meet Team Deloitte

Team Deloitte is a celebration of an extraordinary dual-career group who make possibilities a reality in both sport and business. 

Discipline, resilience, passion and a drive for continuous improvement. These qualities not only help these athletes succeed in sport, but also in their roles at Deloitte. As the world comes together for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, we look to Team Deloitte to uplift and inspire all of us to chase our own possibilities. 

Team Deloitte includes: 

  • Deloitte professionals who aimed to qualify for Paris 2024.
  • Deloitte Olympians and Paralympians who have retired from sport and fully transitioned to professional services careers.
  • Sponsored athletes who are carefully selected to join Team Deloitte.

Our hope is that you, too, may see the power of our athletes’ duality as we share in their experiences and support their athletic and professional journeys. Together.

Learn more  about Deloitte's Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Management Consulting Partnership. 

Meet the Team Deloitte athletes competing at Paris 2024 

15 elite athletes. 8 countries represented. 9 sports. 12 Olympic and Paralympic medals previously won for their respective countries. One Team Deloitte.

*Denotes sponsored athlete

Former Paris 2024 hopefuls 

We are excited to continue cheering these athletes on throughout their future sporting and business endeavors.  Some will fully dive into their business roles while others already have qualification for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games on their mind. 

*Denotes sponsored athlete

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