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A life starts, a life changes

At age 13, Tracey had her world brutally turned upside down. Rebels stormed her village in South Sudan, killing many of her family, friends and teachers. Tracey and her sister managed to escape the massacre, and ended up in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda after a long and perilous journey.

The camp, Palabek, has been Tracey’s home for the last two years. After losing what was dear and familiar to her, Tracey now has to rebuild her life. And support in helping her do that can come from unexpected places.

Thousands of miles away, baby Charlie was the 2521st child to be born from a parent working at Deloitte UK since June 2015. Like the 2520 before him (and many more since!), he recently received a gift from Deloitte UK: baby clothing supplied by From Babies with Love.

The small present let Charlie’s parents know that Deloitte cares about them and the most important things in their lives, and wants them to feel as connected to work when they return as they did when they set off on their parental leave, which will change their perspective on life in so many ways.

But the gift has another vital purpose.

From Babies with Love is a social enterprise that donates 100% of their profit to charities providing education, healthcare, support and hope to thousands of orphaned and abandoned children around the world. And this is where Tracey’s story starts again.

Within a few weeks of their arrival at Palabek, Tracey and her sister were able to join classes at Street Child of Uganda’s Progressive Primary School. Street Child, one of From Babies With Love’s charity partners, provides Tracey and many other children in the camp and across the world with high-quality education, school supplies, daily essentials, and a lifeline to a better future.

With regular tuition, new friends, and teachers to inspire her, Tracey can now look forward to a day where she too can help others:

“My dream for the future is to be somebody good and to be a good mother. After completing my studies I would like to become a doctor. I want to help people, like the doctors here have done.”

Charlie doesn’t know it yet, but life is all about connections. A gift can help strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. One simple act can connect the fates of two children living a world away. And a small gesture at one point in time can make a life-changing difference.