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Deloitte Academy

An innovation through learning


The Deloitte Academy has been designed to support and guide you in your board or executive role. To provide a platform to understand and debate key board issues ranging from talent to digital, governance to remuneration and the many other board challenges and opportunities.

The Deloitte Academy specializes in corporate business trainings designed for specific customer needs.The Academy’s corporate trainings are tailored to fit the firm’s specific needs in terms of industry topics, key business processes and terminology.

The courses are designed for professionals interested in acquiring hands-on learning experience through facilitated discussions, business games and simulations.Subject-matter experts who bring practical insights from real-world management and implementation of major projects deliver the Academy trainings.


2023 Trainings


Employee Tax and Social Security Compliance

8 November, 2023  |  9:30am - 4:00pm

GHS 1,900 (in person)  |  GHS 1,600 (online)

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Accounting for Service Concession Agreements and Tax Consideration

13 December, 2023  |  9:30am - 4:00pm

GHS 1,900 (in person)  |  GHS 1,600 (online)


If you would like to register for any of these trainings ahead of time, please contact with Angelina Asiedu via +233 501 320 985 /