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The thriving family enterprise

A purpose-driven approach to family-led enterprises

Deloitte Private understands that purpose is at the centre of all that you do—fuelled by core values, strong vision, trust and legacy. We bring the breadth of Deloitte to help family enterprises drive growth, capital and wealth potential while protecting your legacy. Your business is personal. Your advice should be Private.

Deloitte Private helps family enterprises thrive

How prepared are you to harness the opportunities ahead? Explore the compass for detail on how our global network of specialists takes a proven approach to address your most pressing family enterprise challenges using a 360-degree, issues-based view with purpose at the centre.

Thriving family enterprises take a purpose-led approach, raising the bar to achieve financial success and meet human, social and legacy goals. More than ever, trust is an integral part of family enterprises and the values that drive you. Your legacy is tied to your family enterprise’s vision for tomorrow, and your success depends on navigating the unique dynamics of your family and business. From governance to multigenerational planning, navigating risk to unlocking competitive advantage, it’s time to accelerate growth, capital and wealth potential. Download the brochure to learn more.

Our 360-degree approach for future proof family enterprise

Tailored governance structures, practices and communications drive continuity and prosperity for family enterprises.

  1. How do we achieve family harmony and business performance?
  2. Do we have a clearly articulated and understood purpose?
  3. What is the right structure to meet our family and business objectives?
  4. How do we manage family dynamics with transparency and accountability through good and bad times?

Succession planning, development and engagement are essential to transitioning a family enterprise to the next generation.

  1. How do we successfully transition family, business and ownership for both family and non-family members?
  2. How do we develop our rising generation to succeed in their chosen endeavours?
  3. How do we empower the next generation of family and non-family employees?

Effective management of reputational, regulatory, cyber and other risks is critical for a family enterprise.

  1. How can we build and protect the reputation of our business and family?
  2. How do we prepare for and navigate unforeseen challenges?
  3. How do we leverage technology in a safe way?
  4. How can we comply with the requirements of every country in which we reside, invest, or own property?

An openness to transform and adopt sustainable, innovative solutions delivers competitive advantage for family enterprises.

  1. How do we reimagine our business to harness the power of technology?
  2. How do we keep our organisation lean and improve productivity?
  3. How do we get relevant, timely information to make informed decisions?
  4. How do we attract and retain the best talent inside and outside of the family?

Strategic planning, investment and expansion opportunities are fundamental for family enterprise growth.

  1. How do we continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs?
  2. How do we anticipate and plan for disruption and competition?
  3. How do we position for success and achieve our purpose?
  4. How do we make the right inorganic and organic growth choices?
  5. How do we see, find and access global opportunities?

Ready access to capital and strategic cash management, accounting and tax structuring allow family enterprises to thrive.

  1. What capital needs will we face in the near and long term?
  2. How do we manage cash or access debt to withstand market downturns and capitalise on market opportunities?
  3. How do we set up and manage statutory obligations efficiently?

Philanthropy, estate planning and family offices preserve and expand the wealth and impact of family enterprises.

  1. How do we create wealth outside of the operating business?
  2. How do we serve our community and contribute to causes important to us?
  3. How do we align a family member’s investment strategy with our family values?
  4. How do we build a resilient portfolio to protect and grow our wealth?
  5. How do we optimise our tax position across jurisdictions?

Experience, global reach, and a comprehensive view

With 175 years of experience serving family enterprises in over 140 countries, Deloitte Private brings both the deep experience of our professionals and trusted relationships with other family enterprises, and also the full Deloitte organization to you across businesses, borders, and industries. 

We understand the full family enterprise ecosystem and offer multidimensional perspectives to address the challenges and opportunities you face as a family enterprise.

Through Deloitte’s Global Family Enterprise Center of Excellence, we tap into our global network of trusted advisors, leading practices, sector expertise, and digital tools to develop world-class solutions and data-driven insights.

With a holistic approach fueled by trust, a strong vision, legacy, and core values, Deloitte Private works with clients around the world to help their private enterprises thrive.